it starts with your heart

how to transform the world with your life work

Your life is about more than merely existing. You are here with unique skills, abilities, talents and purpose. How do you wish to direct those talents? What will your life mean to the world? What contributions will you be remembered for? 

I believe that every person has a gift to give to life. I am here to support people in harmonizing their life and aligning with purpose so that those gifts can thrive and make a positive impact in the world. I know that people who come alive change the world. I am here to support you in your journey so that you can step up and start living the BIG life that you deserve to live. I provide coaching, mentorship and guidance so that you can become the world-changing leader that you were always meant to be. 

What clients are saying

"I am grateful for my experience working with Lindsay Clark. I never imagined that in 10 hours of sessions I could have a clear understanding of my goals and a plan for my future business. Throughout our process, Lindsay was able to effectively help me uncover my truest passions in life through her '7 steps to discovering your life's purpose' workbook. She helped me narrow down my infinite ideas of what I want, and was able to help me brainstorm ways to achieve my goals. Lindsay is very passionate about helping others. She is very intuitive and understanding, which made me feel important and happy! Lindsay was professional and organized throughout the process, and has even followed up with me several times after, with tools to continue to help me succeed! Thank you Lindsay!" -Mary Bates March 19, 2015

"Lindsay helped me to get clear on the strategy for my business while I was just beginning to build my ideas for GingerGiddy. She helped me to create an overview of brand messaging and positioning with my clients, which was helpful when I was just moving from an idea to actually building out my own company! I recommend Lindsay's services to people who are looking to make their ideas into a reality!" - Brenda Nibley, March 29, 2015

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