Platinum Coaching Package

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Platinum Coaching Package


Personal coaching for 12 consecutive weeks including High Performance Coaching and Energy Healing 

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Platinum Package

The Platinum Package is the most exclusive, personalized coaching package that I offer. By enrolling in a personal coaching package, you have the tremendous benefit of working with me one-on-one, receiving my full attention. I will walk you through the 12 week High Performance Coaching curriculum and offer Energy Healing support along the way, ensuring you are addressing your past, present and future in a powerful way!

The program is 12 weeks in total, with coaching sessions over the phone at the same time each week. Each session is 60 minutes in length. Following each session, I will send you personal session notes and worksheets that correspond to each module. 

About Transformational Coaching

At the very heart of what I do every day is helping people to flower into their own greatness. I am committed to bringing my clients the very best of what I’ve been trained in as an Energy Healing practitioner and Certified High Performance Coach. My transformational coaching integrates guided healing meditations and deep clearing of energetic patterns that keep people stuck in old belief systems. I engage the very best concepts from High Performance Coaching, helping clients to learn how to powerfully envision their futures and take consistent action to achieve their big dreams. My goal is to actively move you towards fully living a life that you love! Learn More

About Lindsay 

Lindsay is by nature a world changer and a healer, with an uncontrollable urge to make the world a better place. She has a passion for helping people to live their dreams more fully and is a connaisseur of chocolate.

She was trained how to do energy healing work in Vancouver, Canada and has been honing her skills in the healing arts over the last 10 years. Lindsay was also certified as a High Performance Coach, which helps clients to have the skills, habits and frameworks required to live a life of high achievement and grand success! She offers Transformational coaching work that integrates the very best of High Performance Coaching and Energy Healing to powerfully move clients forward to achieving their big dreams. Learn More