Gold Coaching Package

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Gold Coaching Package


A set of 3 Healing Sessions, discounted from $900 to $450. 

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Gold Package

The Gold Package is a great way to reduce the cost of healing work, bundling together 3 pre-paid sessions at a discounted rate of $150/session. You can use these sessions anytime over a 2 month period of time, ideally scheduling one session per week in a row to maintain momentum. You must purchase the Gold Package in order to access the discounted healing rate. 


Energy healing is like a massage for the soul. It brings a deep sense of peace and relaxation, helping you to feel loved, balanced and whole. Practitioners act as conduits for universal healing energy that can be directed towards and individual or a condition. The person receiving the healing will feel a sensation of a gentle flow of life and vitality circulating through the body. It can be compared to the feeling after a good yoga session or intense exercise when it almost feels like the body has electricity buzzing through each particle of your body. 

There are many varieties of energy healing, some like Reiki are more widely recognized and practiced. The energy healings offered through my work are somewhat different than other modalities in the sense that we work directly with amped up universal healing energies that are operating at a very high frequency. Clients often report a deep sense of relaxation, like they have slept for a full night but have only been receiving the energy for 20 minutes. They always feel more clear, calm and rested after a session. The more sessions a person does, the greater effect the healing tends to take. The first couple sessions start very gently, and subsequent sessions tend to be more intense. 

All sessions are non-touch, meaning that there are no hands touching the body of the client. In person, the practitioner stands several feet away and holds their hands out and projects the energy towards the client who is laying down flat on their back. The sessions offered are 60 minutes in length, which seems to be the ideal time for integrating the frequencies being offered. Interestingly, sessions that are offered at a distance, meaning the the practitioner can be in a different building, state, or country, are just as effective as sessions that are offered in person. For this reason, the majority of sessions offered are remote so that the greatest number of people possible can be supported in their healing journey. Learn More


Lindsay is by nature a world changer and a healer, with an uncontrollable urge to make the world a better place. She has a passion for helping people to live their dreams more fully and is a connaisseur of chocolate.

She was trained how to do energy healing work in Vancouver, Canada and has been honing her skills in the healing arts over the last 10 years. Lindsay was also certified as a High Performance Coach, which helps clients to have the skills, habits and frameworks required to live a life of high achievement and grand success! She offers Transformational coaching work that integrates the very best of High Performance Coaching and Energy Healing to powerfully move clients forward to achieving their big dreams. Learn More