I shared my gifts.

I came across this fabulously cheesy little rhyme a couple years ago and it really stuck with me, “If you get nervous, focus on service.” It obviously was catchy enough to stick and has been an important guiding phrase in my life, especially as I started Impactful People. So much of my life purpose is associated with helping others to get through difficulty and to find ways to thrive. I so deeply love this planet and I desire people to experience joy and peace, but the harshness of life just seems so overwhelming at times. In those moments of despair, I have just dropped to my knees and looked up at the sky and thought, how are we all going to make it? Together. We can make it together. Truth is, we need each other. We need each other’s love, we need people as our mirrors to help us see the beauty within ourselves. We also need friends to be conduits for miracles.

My BFF has recently experienced much of the same struggle and depression as I have, thank goodness we had each other’s support to get through it all. She came to the same conclusion as me that it was time to make some big changes in life to find happiness again - to go back to school, get a new job, and find a new place to live. She has taken action on all fronts to move forward with the new life she desires, yet it seems there is something behind the scenes that is directing the course of action. She can’t start the new school program until the spring term starts in January, she has interviewed for a couple jobs and hasn’t found the right fit and she has been desperately searching for apartments with no luck so far. She started to get a bit discouraged at one point, and I’ve just been reminding her that it is going to work out for her. My BFF has always believed that she “leads a charmed life.” And indeed she does.

A perfect example of the weird way that life works out for her was the car accident that we got in one day on the way to a concert. We were all dressed up and singing and dancing in the car on the way up a busy street, when someone who clearly wasn’t paying attention pulled out of a parking lot right into the side of her car. He hit my passenger side door and luckily there wasn’t a lot of speed involved so nobody got hurt. We pulled into the lot and the guy starts reversing down the parking lot. When I realized he was trying to take off, I literally climbed across the street and chased him! We call it the day I turned into Laura Croft. I was wearing tall turquoise snakeskin stilettos and I chased this car down the street, blocking the other exit that he was running for. This distraction gave Ashley the time to get on the phone with the police to get their drivers licence info and give them all the info as I at least stalled him long enough so that we could prove he hit us. I think he did end up driving away out the other side of the lot, but we managed to get the insurance on the phone and sort it out. The long story short was that car accident insurance payment essentially paid for her summer study abroad program and so that she and I could waltz around Europe for 5 weeks together after the program. To this day, that was one of the most memorable life experiences we have had and we are so grateful that we did it! Thank goodness for that car that smashed into us. All that cosmic quirkyness somehow keeps my BFFs life in order.

Today I called her and I said, “My friend, you lead a charmed life.” Earlier today, I received a call from my Mom’s friend who has a basement suite and remembered that my friend was looking. She and my BFF had met briefly before and had discussed that she had a rental space, but it was filled at the moment so it didn’t seem like a possibility. And then voila, just as my BFF is seriously looking for a place, this woman’s current tenant puts in her notice. What incredible timing! I let the woman know that my BFF will be in touch and that she is indeed looking still, and I’m very hopeful that this works out because it would be a lovely, affordable, fun space to live in.

In addition, on Friday I attended a tour of a nice facility as part of my current day job. One of the designers mentioned that she is looking for an assistant because her workload has been heavy and she requires support. I looked at the woman and thought, this job would be perfect for my BFF. So, I asked for her card and sent the info immediately on. I talked to my friend not long after on the phone and she said how grateful she was that I sent along this info, because just that day she was feeling like her job search was really unsuccessful so far. Partly because she felt like the kinds of jobs she was interviewing for weren’t really what she was interested in. Her heart is craving something more aligned with her passions and she really didn’t want to go backwards just to have a different job. If this design job pans out, it could be the perfect solution! How interesting that I happened to be on that tour. I had almost bailed out in favor of finishing a few emails at work, but something pushed me in that direction. It was a good reminder to me to listen to those nudges.

Finally, my BFF was babysitting all weekend and couldn’t leave the kids alone to escape for a coffee. She sent me a pleading text that she had a headache and needed coffeeeeee. I received this text while I was at her favorite coffee shop for iced mochas; I was meeting with a friend of a friend who is new to SLC and looking for work connections (another way of sharing my gifts by making connections for people). So, how could I resist that plea? I picked up a mocha for her on the way out and dropped it off at her babysitting local, then raced over to a wedding shower and still arrived reasonably on time. It was definitely worth the trip and the 4$ because it made her so happy, which in turn made me happy! There is really something be said about the whole idea that “you get what you give” - I’ve always invested in my close friendships and truly, I would say that it always pays off and I really value those close relationships. Having people that you can trust and rely on is so important to feeling connected and whole. Good friends encourage each other to be more of who they really are. They build you up and remind you that you are worthy of your dreams. They give you permission to cry and fall apart and help pick you back up again. My BFF has always shown unwavering faith in my ability to pursue my dreams. She refutes my claims against myself and won’t let me tear myself down. She always fights for me and reminds me what I’m good at. I’m so incredibly grateful for that friendship and the support she offers me, and giving back that love and support brings me so much joy!