I wore something outrageous to work.

Thank God for 60 year olds who ride a unicycle to work and wear red bow ties. Could there be anything more wonderful than driving into work and passing a gentleman on the corner of Main and Broadway street who is balancing delicately on a unicycle, waiting for a light to change so he can cross the street on his way to work. I mean, where do these people come from?! At what point I wonder did he decide to bike commute by unicycle? More importantly, how did he learn how to do it? Maybe he is a cirque du soleil retiree - I always wondered what they did after they retired. Apparently they wear bow ties.

Along a similar vein of outrageousness, I had the mad desire to wear one of my floral goddess dresses to work today. It’s really something that is more appropriate for a summer evening out with friends, particularly because it is strapless. But, I put on a little prim and proper yellow cardigan and a long gold necklace and diamond earrings, so maybe it dressed it up sufficiently to be work appropriate. I also curled my hair in long billowing barrel curls, which is one of my favorite looks. All of this brought significant joy to my day. Usually when I would think of something that is a bit questionable, I would shy away from it, worrying that others would disapprove. But today it just felt really fun to wear something flowing and feminine, and because it is the Joy Experiment, I had to follow the nudge from my heart.

One of my favorite organizations, called the Shift Network, sent out a newsletter today written by Stephen Dinan, the Founder. He wrote: 

“In the first four years [of his business], I became "hyper-yang," and paid a steep price -- especially in my body -- which developed back and shoulder issues that have taken more than a year to heal. What I've been seeing lately is that in the drive to accomplish something "big" I felt I had to subconsciously suppress the "yin" parts of me that want more spaciousness, free time, cuddling and pleasure. I became super-disciplined, but that ended up hurting me in the long run.”

He went on to explain that his wife and her colleage are presenting a workshop about “the art of feminine manifestation, which is more organic and joyful, and respects the rhythms of body and nature.”  

I love this idea because I feel like the Joy Experiment somehow intuitively tapped into this issue of allowing the yin or the feminine to have greater expression in my life. It has made an enormous difference to back off from the “hyper-yang” as Stephen called it. Even in my spiritual practice that had become very formulaic and structured, I allowed the internal rebellion that led me to dedicate the same blocks of time to different activities depending upon how my heart directed it. Last night instead of my normal meditation routine I sang along to a favorite song by Snatam Kaur and then just allowed myself to be quiet and enjoy the feeling of silence afterwards. Because I was so relaxed, it turned out to be one of the most successful, deep, quiet mind meditations I have ever done. Which is actually a big deal because it’s really hard to get that monkey mind to calm down! So all of this grew out of just being more relaxed. Fancy that!

I like this new idea of being more outrageous in life. It does good things for the soul.