I'm so grateful to be free. 

For the first time in years I feel this magnificent space in my heart. I feel like I'm allowed to simply be who I want to be and just relax into my own soul. I feel like each day my life gets even more calm, harmonious and filled with joyful moments. The feeling of freedom from shame, criticism and judgement from others and my own inner critic is just wonderful. 

And yet, it is a process. There are moments of very real, intense anger and sadness. Being disowned by your only living parent largely because I left our family's religion really feels like being cut off and left out at sea. But admittedly, I am discovering that I like being in my own boat. I like that I have the opportunity to take full responsibility for my own emotions and the direction of my life. No longer will I have to deal with the pressure of pleasing the community I was born into. For in all reality, they are no longer my tribe. I've moved on to new adventures and my tribe is elsewhere. 

Each day I am taking all the courage I can muster to show up for my life and stubbornly pursue my truth. For me, taking this step became a matter of life and death last year. I was right on the edge of not wanting to live anymore because of months and months of religious shaming. That was a very serious wake up call for me and I realized how precious life is and how it must be lived with reckless abandon. I learned that you must pursue your truth, your passion and speak your voice because you have everything to gain! What you stand to lose is all the things that have kept you small. You stand to lose fear, and causes of suffering. You stand to lose the unsupportive voices in your life that have held you in your own personal hell. Enough! Break free and start to live the life that you love!!

Today I wish to encourage you with this post. I wish you to remember that you have beautiful, unique gifts to share with life. You are a wonderful being who is here on this wild, wonderful earth to live fully, to be expressive and passionate. If you are playing small because of fear, I urge you to find your voice today. Start by doing one thing each day to nurture your dreams and cultivate your passions. Speak your voice. 

If I have learned anything in the last 10 years of fighting through depression, I have learned that when a soul comes ALIVE, they change the world. When you are no longer successfully silenced by the voices of hatred in the world, you have an opportunity to shine bright and change the conversation. The world is desperately in need of people who have come alive. So many of us live lives of quiet desperation. I know, I used to be one of them. But no longer. This journey I have been on has broken me right out of all the structures and forces of oppression that used to keep me small and quiet. I have broken right into a life that I feel authentic in. I finally have my voice to speak and share a message of hope.

Know that what is waiting on the other side of fear is absolute, bright, shining freedom. My friend, breathe this in. Pursue your life path with reckless abandon. Do not let fear ever stop you from living the biggest version of your life. The world needs you to come ALIVE. 

Step one: learn how to move fear and old beliefs right out of your world. Try this free guided meditation, you might be pleasantly surprised by how fabulous it makes you feel! 

Wishing you much joy and happiness,