My dear friends, 

It has been quite a while since I felt inspired to write a post. I've been in the wonderful chaos of starting a new life in paradise and figuring out the new flow. Now that I have some time and space, I have a few things I'd like to share. Here are some of the big spiritual lessons I have been learning while here in Maui. 

Lesson Number One

When in Maui, one must wear a trucker hat. It's a thing. And if it has a gold mermaid on it, all the better! 

When in Maui, one must wear a trucker hat. It's a thing. And if it has a gold mermaid on it, all the better! 

Number one, The aloha spirit is a real thing. Not everybody really lives it, but I tell you, the people who embody that spirit of welcoming, compassion and light just about knock you over with their presence. Maui is full of an eclectic mix of folks who have all kinds of interesting histories. This is a place where you will meet travelers, newly weds, recovering divorcees and generally people who are looking for adventure and a fresh start. There is something very gentle and nourishing about this place, which I whole heartedly know that my soul guided me here to simply allow my own healing process to take place after the traumas of the last couple years in particular with Utah and leaving the Mormon faith. It's wonderful to be cradled here by the simple beauty of nature and the soft touch of the ocean. I feel my soul replenishing and healing each day with the aloha healing light of the island. 

I've started collecting Mai Tai's. So far the Montage is winning. 

I've started collecting Mai Tai's. So far the Montage is winning. 

Lesson Number Two

The second thing I've learned here is that there is a whole urban legend in Maui about how the island either embrace you or challenge you. It turns out that it's a real thing too. The island seems to have different things to teach different people. For some it embraces you quickly and everything lines up easily and gracefully. Although there will always be inconveniences of island living, life more or less flows along. That was my experience for my first couple months on the island. Then mama maui brought in the more challenging energy. This is one of the more transformative aspects of this island where mother Maui will call you to face your deepest darkest wounding. She will help line things up so that you have to look at yourself. This is what I've just gone through, and it knocked me flat on my ass. 

Lesson Number Three

Which brings me to my third point, that after exploring many different facets of spirituality and getting kind of crazy with New Age Mysticism, I really learned the value of a simple, grounded spirituality. Anything that takes you too far into any kind of extreme is really something to keep a close eye on. I found that growing up in a deeply religious culture and then trying to redefine my own spirituality, in someways I had found the same thing in the New Age spiritual scene. That all really came crashing down for me during my time here in Maui. In the belief system I was exploring, there's was a lot of ego driven specialness. Mama Maui won't tolerate that shit for a minute. All of that high-minded spirituality really came crashing down for me. I realized there was a lot of spiritual competition happening with so-and-so being more enlightened than another person. Certainly, we are all on our own development curve and we all have our own life lessons that we are working through, but we are all important. Nobody is above another, and comparisons really shouldn't be made. I feel deeply humbled where I stand now in the simplicity of island living. I feel more content to simply be alive and to appreciate what each day offers because I know that one day my journey on this planet will come to a close. I want to know that I didn't waste my life, but I was engaged in positive change. I want to make sure that I connected with the practical realities of being in this world and that I did my very best to make it a little brighter.

Because mermaids are always right. 

Because mermaids are always right. 

What is so wonderful about living in Maui is primarily but there's nowhere to go. There is nothing big and special to be. There is only living. Life is very simple here. There's really no point getting all dressed up because there's not really anyone to impress. Most people here are really laid-back and don't have a huge pull towards material possessions, rank or status. Sure you see a lot of that drifting in and out of the hotels, but by in large life in Maui is simple and beautiful. It's all about nature getting outside and enjoying each day. One of the happiest people I know is my surfing buddy. She and I go out every week and she tolerates me generally falling off of my surfboard in every moment we have a good laugh as I try to learn this whole new deal. Whenever I ask her how she's doing, she responds "life is awesome, like always." She was born here, she gets it.

Lesson Number Four

My fourth lesson is that there is deep power in the transformation that occurs when you face your own darkness. I think that something important is happening on the planet right now. I observe in the news and in all of my friends lives a great shift taking place. We are shaking out our bullshit and we are learning to acknowledge the dysfunction that has been latently hiding in our lives. It feels like with greater transparency comes opportunity to resolve our own darkness. And I use the word "resolve" specifically because I think that many light workers have the intention to exterminate the darkness in ourselves. After some different experiences with healing work, I've taken on the view that there is something called the sweet darkness. Like the calm cradling night sky which is a place of quiet rest and the canvas of creation. We all have darkness and the more that we can embrace it and have a conversation with it, the less that we get stuck in the same cycle of trying to hide and squirrel it away, keeping ourselves isolated and sad. The sooner we can air out the dark and difficult things that happened to us and resolve them, the better.

This brings us to our final point, which is that I have been truly reminded of the value of healing work. As I've been shaking up my spiritual beliefs, I've been throwing most of them out of the window. I literally considered walking away from doing healing work entirely. It's such an esoteric process and I wasn't sure that I could trust it or myself. And during those days when I was considering ditching the whole idea entirely, I had literally three or four people approach me at work and say "Are you a healer? I'd really like to learn more about it." I was like "Universe, leave me alone, I'm mad at you! I'm not doing it!" Then later I laughed at myself, of course my soul wouldn't let me off the hook that easy. 

There is nothing quite like the feeling of watching the sunset in Maui. Everything feels calm and beautiful. Deep, deep peace. 

There is nothing quite like the feeling of watching the sunset in Maui. Everything feels calm and beautiful. Deep, deep peace. 

Being An Instrument of Peace

I remember talking to my friend one day in my kitchen at home. We were discussing my dilemma and I mentioned the prayer of St Fancis of Assisi: "Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace." As I said this, I had the most visceral reaction in my body. I felt a hot, burning light in the center of my heart chakra, not my physical heart. I felt this burning emotion of pure love mixed with pain radiate through my body and I instantly collapsed in tears, feeling so overwhelmed by my body's own response to the prayer of service to the Divine. In that moment I knew that my deepest desire is to be an instrument of peace and that I must follow the call of my heart to bring healing into this world. 

And so, with all of my own personal evolutions that have been happening quietly behind the scenes and not splashed across the images of social media, my business is taking a new shape as I am incorporating much of the aloha spirit into my healing work. I am bringing a new simplicity into the way I approach energy healing and the larger healing process in general. Everything is grounded in nature, rooted in reality, yet reaching towards the stars. If we wish to have greater insight into ourselves we must dig deep and also welcome the divine mystery into our hearts. We must engage the intelligence of the mind to assess and analyze situations but we must also be guided by the deeper wisdom of the heart such that we do not get stuck in the machinations of ego-driven minds. 

To be an instrument of peace means that every day I am showing up with the intention to help and to heal the people of this world, working every day on myself to ensure that I am the best conduit possible. There are always ups and downs. And although I have been flattened recently by all the different experiences I've gone through, I see it as a wonderful success to have fallen completely flat. I think it's kind of wonderful to be so deeply un-special and brought to a place of humility. Let me be an instrument of peace - THIS is what I want. There's something that feels very clean about being in this place. I feel calm, centered and quiet. Kind of like those moments out in the water in between the big waves that come through and it's just quiet - it's just you and your thoughts and the waves. Quiet.

Embracing the Collapse

Each of us go through our own evolutions and our big collapses. It's important, embrace the fall. This is where you grow. Healing is what helps you to navigate that growth process and rebuild your foundations. Healing helps to bring forward new insights about what patterns are in your consciousness that are ready to shift to make space for a deeper aspect of your own soul to emerge. There is a very practical magic to this process that never ceases to amaze me. I love this process of working on my own evolution and I feel so honored to support my clients in their journey as well. If you haven't tried light healing work before, I encourage you to reach out and try it. I do a free 30 minute call to share insights and answer questions, giving clients a small taste and see if it's the right fit. And most importantly, to share some aloha light. 

So my friends, embrace your darkness, honor the collapses and know that we are all in it together and we are all very loved. No matter what. 

Much light and aloha,