Hello darlings, 

Today I would like to share a few thoughts about claiming our own personal power and being brave enough to be ALL of who we really are. Yes, really. Because that is what makes you a badass. 

Truly, there are few things more refreshing than meeting someone who is unabashedly authentic and unique. I've always admired people who are willing to speak their truth, even if it doesn't resonate with the crowd. I'm not talking bombastic Trump-like behavior, no I'm talking about someone who walks into the room and they are just powerful and alive. You can feel their energy from 10 feet away. They are brave, sincere and unburdened by pretense or trying to please someone. Their vibe gives you a sense that this person is unafraid of what you think of them, and in fact, they were never going to care what you think regardless. So don't bother asking or commenting, they won't bend to your desired form. They just are who they are. 

I remember being bullied as a kid, knocked over during recess. It was a fairly repetitive event. I always wondered, why me? I set about finding ways to hide, fit in and stay out of the way. I carried that habit with me through high school as well, trying to keep a fairly low profile to stay out of the line of fire, trying not be a threatening presence. In other words, I found ways to play small and hide. I didn't allow my full expression to shine. 

Now years later, I'm a life coach and healer, building up my practice and sharing information openly in a fairly public and transparent fashion. I've been very open about my heartbreaks and the process of being disowned by my mother last year as a result of leaving my family's religion (we have since made peace as a family). All if this I have shared because I knew that those experiences weren't just for me. I knew that other people would resonate with those moments and could share in that process with me to fight back and reclaim some self respect after experiencing intense emotional abuse and shaming. We are all in it together and we can help lift each other up. 

Now we are in a new chapter. I'm back on my feet and healthier than ever and sharing coaching tools and techniques along the way. I've been working on myself intensely over the last year and even more in the last couple of months, digging in and doing the deep work to emerge even stronger and more of myself. But this work isn't easy. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to step out and say, "world, this is who I am" knowing that not everyone will appreciate you and learning to be strong enough to keep showing up anyways. 

Sometimes you need to know how to calibrate to your audience and know when to share what is closest to your heart. But, if you do this so much that you are just hiding within yourself, it's not going to allow you to be a strong and truthful expression of yourself. Your destiny is greatness!  Your inner badass wants to be in command of your life. There is no real benefit to the world of you playing small and not contributing your gifts to life. Everything that you do not share of yourself is robbing the world of a gift you could have given. Have you ever considered that perhaps by you playing small, you are actually being selfish? 

You are here in this moment with all of your talents, gifts and all your bad-assery that can only be claimed by you stepping into your greatness. No more hiding. I'm pushing myself big time to step into this myself and I challenge you to do the same. 

What 3 things could you do this week to reclaim your inner badass? 

How would your life change if you challenged yourself to do one extra courageous thing each day? 

Truly my friends, being your greatest self will benefit you tremendously. You will find yourself feeling more confident, creative, successful and satisfied. It's so important that you exercise this feeling of greatness daily. Be proactive and take real action. Don't just think about it, practice it. You will see and feel a real difference. 

We don't always feel strong all the time. There are ups and downs on the journey, but the key is to exercise those internal aspects of yourself that will help you to overcome the hard times. 

Challenges in life are not punishing you. They are Pushing you to reclaim your greatness. The universe will find clever ways to call you out to battle with yourself to see if you will reclaim your own throne. Sometimes it has to find things you are willing to fight for. So fight for your right to be a badass. 

Cheers to you my friend,