My darlings,

This week is all about transformation. It turns out that big transformation requires some serious courage. For so many of us, change is a big fear, but another sneaky fear is being totally honest and authentic with ourselves about what our gifts are. We can be scared about being different, shining too bright, being seen/not being seen... oh there are so many little tricks that fear likes to play with! All of this makes it hard to see ourselves clearly, and I think perhaps that is a lifelong journey to figure out who we are! I'm thinking that maybe we are giving one clue at a time. This week I'm sharing a little story about discovering a little clue about myself and what that means for transforming my coaching work...

Being a High Performance Coach

I’ve recently been certified as a High Performance Coach. What that means is that I am trained in a finely-tuned 12 week curriculum for helping clients to move magnificently towards living a life they love. It's all about transformation, honing in on behaviors and actions that help them to achieve their big dreams through working at higher levels of performance. This certification is run through the High Performance Academy, and only 200 people were accepted to be trained and certified this year. This is the same framework that is being used with high achieving celebrity clients and top executives in the world - it’s really quite amazing to do this work! 

I feel so grateful to have been trained with a group of soulful coaches who are all so genuinely dedicated to improving people’s lives. So many of the coaches I met are masterful healers in their own rite. Yet, as I was doing this work without my energy healing perspectives, I felt like something was missing. I felt like I wasn't bringing all of me into my work, which got me thinking - wouldn't it be interesting to fuse High Performance and Energy Healing?

Big Transformation

I decided to create a little something new, bringing my healing work and spiritual perspectives into the coaching process to create what I'm calling, "transformational coaching." I’ve come to really honor the fact that transformation really occurs at a consciousness level, not just through the determination of the mind – the heart has to be an equal partner in the work. It is the feminine and the masculine energy working together, the yin and the yang, that allows creation of something new to occur. When the heart and the mind set about working together powerfully on something, that my friends is when big transformation occurs.

What I love about this realization is that it allows me to really honor my gifts as a healer and a coach. I see it as an imperative to bring all of my gifts to the table to help my clients to make rapid and substantial transformations so that they can flower into their greatness. It is my responsibility to bring them the very best of what I’ve been trained in so that they have everything they need in their transformative journey. High Performance Coaching and Energy Healing, it’s all linked together.

So given my big realizations in this area, my question for you today is: what gifts have you been hiding from yourself?

  • What areas of your life are you not allowing all of “you” to show up?
  • Do you really shine the full greatness of who you are consistently in your life?
  • What would it take for you to really show up, no matter what people may think of you?
  • How much is it worth to you to really be you?
  • And better yet, what opportunities are you missing by not embodying your full greatness?

Give it a try

I'm excited to say that I'm now opening the doors to work with more clients with my transformational coaching work. I offer a FREE one hour consultation with clients to get a taste of what my work is all about. All you have to do is fill out the application and email it to me and I'll get you set up for a free session. Click here to learn more

Love who you are dear one, you are wonderful. 

To your greatness,