My darlings, 

This week’s blog is about big dreams. While I’m going through some big growth curves in my own life, I’ve been noticing the subtle devious moves that fear will use to keep you from flowering into your own greatness. Let’s chat about it shall we? 

When you have a big dream, and you really decide to go after it, there is an initial exuberance and exhilaration that bursts open! You feel energized and excited, full of hope and enthusiasm for what the future holds. So you set about making it happen. You start thinking through details and next steps… and then fear starts to show up. It starts asking questions that seem like reality checks, such as: 

Are you sure you can pull this off? 

Is it really realistic to go after this dream? 

You have failed in the past, why do you think it would be different this time? 

Do you really deserve this?

All of this is the insidious voice of ego. This is the murmuring, smurking nonsense that fear would like you to stay stuck in because keeping you distracted from your greatness is one of ego’s favorite hobbies. The real job of the ego is to help you to distinguish your individuality from the greater whole. It’s to help you to know what makes you different and unique, and helps to file away and organize information. It is a critical part of the intellect, so you must not try to kill your ego – it has an important job. But the problem is, if out of balance, your ego thinks it is the director of your life.  When it sits in the driver’s seat, it is basically behaving like a power-hungry dictator who will always choose fear over trust and will generally give you terrible advice because it is not taking wise direction from the heart. 

The goal as far as I see it is to think with your heart and feel with your mind. When you can get your ego balanced, it can put on its cute little nerdy librarian glasses and go back to doing its job of filing away information. It is not to be the primary decision maker - that is what your wise heart is for. 

Listen To Your Heart

Your heart knows that yes, you do deserve to live your big dreams. Your heart has absolute certainty that even though you may have screwed up and failed in the past, that there is always a new day and a chance to choose again. Keep showing up. The heart knows that even though you don’t have all the answers right now, you have the capacity to research and learn and you will FIGURE IT OUT. That’s what google is for! There is more information now in the world than there has ever been. You can learn just about anything online these days, from how to turn zucchini into little pasta curls or how to crochet pants for horses – whatever it is you want to learn, chances are you can find the answers you need. 

Better yet, the answers you really need are in your heart, not in your head. When you learn to fine-tune your intuition and really start trusting your heart’s wisdom, you will start to make decisions differently. You will feel a difference between what feels more stable, peaceful or calm as a decision vs what feels a little stressful, anxious or unsettling.

Use your discernment to be your own life compass to guide you to where you need to be. As you learn to honor your intuitive knowing rather than override it, you will start to see a tremendous shift in the amount of bullshit you are able to circumvent. So many irritating or difficult life experiences can be avoided all together by being highly in tune with your own heart’s wisdom. Trust what you feel, and be aware of when fear is doing the talking. Fear will always give you terrible advice and will certainly sabotage your dreams in an attempt to keep you in a place of low-vibe, familiar complacency. If you truly want greatness and transformation in your life, you have got to start living a heart-based life. 

You've Got This

You have got to honor your inner wisdom and learn to have a very strict set of rules for your ego/inner nerdy librarian. When it’s acting up and planting fearful advice in your mind, have a chat with ego “Hey, listen you cute little librarian, your job is to file away information. Put your glasses back on and stop playing crappy advisor with constantly fearful advice. I’m not interested. I’ve got big dreams to accomplish and the heart has got this thing covered. Go back to work.” 

Darlings, I just want to remind you – YOU’VE GOT THIS. Your time is now, don’t wait for anyone or anything to give you permission to start embodying your greatness. Everything you have ever needed is already inside you, you just have to unlock it by choosing to show up and listen to your heart every day. I believe in you. 

To your greatness,