My dear friends,
I am excited to announce that I moved to Maui! It is my second day of living in the state of Hawaii, taking a bold step forward into my dream life. I coach people about how to make their big dreams a reality, so I figure I better do so myself! Ever since I was a kid I craved living by the ocean. I've always been obsessed with the waves and ocean creatures, and even learned how to surf in San Diego years ago. So I finally decided to make it happen. I spent the last 6 months carefully planning this big move. I used my high performance tools, namely my daily goal setting worksheet to organize my thoughts and build my strategy. I'm sharing this for FREE with you today because I feel like it was the number 1 habit that made this dream come true. 

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The thing is, making your dreams a reality can be intensely challenging, which is why many people don't do it. It pushes you to be courageous and bold, pushing past the resistance and stagnancy that keeps us living small, controlled lives. I truly believe that in order for each of us to flower into our true greatness, we have to learn how to conquer fear. We cannot believe the lies that would tell us we are not worthy of aspiring to more. We have to strive to live in alignment with our values and purpose. 

Hello from miss Lola dog and Lindsay at our Bon Voyage party. My fabulous sister in law got us all flower leis to celebrate the journey!

Hello from miss Lola dog and Lindsay at our Bon Voyage party. My fabulous sister in law got us all flower leis to celebrate the journey!

This move for me represents a real commitment to serving the world in a bigger way than I have been doing in my life so far. I'm moving forward into building my coaching and healing practice online with a much broader reach than before. It is my mission to improve the world around me in beautiful ways. So I'm taking the first step with this big move! I liquidated my life, literally selling everything and taking off with 3 suitcases and one tiny dog. 

So here is the back story behind the big dream...

As many of you know, I moved back to Utah in 2013 from my beloved Vancouver Canada to start my own business. From day one everything went sideways. I had intended to start a sustainability consulting firm in Salt Lake City because it was a untapped market for this kind of work. Well all my best laid plans aside, nothing lined up. After things falling through, I had to redesign my life. I got a day job and had to come for the new strategy. Looking back now, I can see that life  had bigger plans for me so that I could be of even greater service to people and the planet. Life called me to really dedicate my time effort and training to fine tuning my healing work. In order to do so I suppose the universe decided that maybe I needed a good motivation to heal! 

What I then underwent was basically three years of hell. Coming back into Utah was a rough culture shock. I had left the Mormon church years ago and had thought that more or less I had made amends with the situation before I moved back. But it became obvious once I returned that being in a different belief system within such a strong culture was a very difficult situation. I went through some pretty tough times with my family and in 2014 my mother actually disowned me due to spiritual and religious differences. That process really brought me to my knees. It took away everything for me that I valued in life and I plunged into a deep dark depression. I was literally in the fight for my life for a long period of time waking up every day and forcing myself to get out of bed and daily talking myself through all the reasons why I should not commit suicide. 

I took it on like my quest to really understand healing because I desperately needed to fix my own life. I had never before experienced so much emotional pain so much emotional abuse and religious shaming and quite frankly hatred that really will break down your soul. I had to learn how to fight for myself and and learn to love who I am and appreciate myself even if others didn't understand me or my gifts. It was literally the hardest process I have ever been through. On an almost daily basis I deeply regretted my decision to leave my safe beautiful Vancouver and come plunging myself back into the religious fervor of Salt Lake City.

But I grew stronger and that is the amazing thing about the human soul is that there is so much strength available to us when we learn how to love ourselves and fight for our own greatness. I reached out to healers and to therapists and friends. My Facebook community became my saving grace because I had support from friends around the world who loved me and helped me to keep going. To all of you who might be reading this right now I want you to know that you help to save my life.

Learning How To Heal

This is the gorgeous sunset from the driveway of where I will be living up country on Maui! 

This is the gorgeous sunset from the driveway of where I will be living up country on Maui! 

I worked on myself and my healing process daily. I reconfigured my business to focus on life coaching and healing work. I created an online course about how to heal from emotional trauma. I started working with clients and slowly the referrals started to come in, now to the point that my sessions are booking up throughout the month. I invested in myself daily in terms of taking better care of my body and being very aware of my emotional well-being. I scaled up and got trained as a high-performance life coach which taught me the tremendous value of taking full responsibility of my life and fully and completely moving away from being a victim in life. It taught me to be more empowered in my own thinking about myself. 

High-performance also teaches about how to achieve your big dreams, by using each day more effectively and getting highly strategic and organized about how you were going to spend your time to get yourself the best results. It has absolutely changed me. I have produced my second online course which will be going live this next month for all of you in my community, I want you to be the first to know about this and so that you can share it with your love ones and I know it can be of help to you in achieving your own big dreams.

For me moving to Maui marks the end of an era for me it is a symbol of conquering my own smallness and really choosing a life that I love. It is about surviving anything that has tried to hold me back and moving forward boldly despite circumstances and any limitations I have bumped up into. 

This is the view from my little hotel in Lahaina, looking out over the bay. So wonderful to hear the waves in the morning! 

This is the view from my little hotel in Lahaina, looking out over the bay. So wonderful to hear the waves in the morning! 

The real turning point was when I started to claim my own greatness and I got into alignment with my own divinity and life purpose. When I decided to serve at a greater level, I stepped out of my own misery. When my life became more about how I could serve, how I could give back, and how I could make the world a better place, everything started to change. It's like the universe knows when there is a soul that has finally woken up it will bring abundance and opportunity and people and inspiration to help you. 

I truly believe that when you dedicate your life to pursuing your greatness, to tracking down your big dreams so you can start to live them, life will show up for you. And so today I just want to encourage you that if you're going through a tough time, hang in there find the gift in the situation. Do the hard work to resolve whatever it is that is challenging you most. I know how hard it is. It takes a great deal of courage to face your own woundedness, but it is the best thing you'll ever do for your life. It is so important to firmly placed the past in the past. 

And on that note I'm happy to say that me and my Family are doing better than ever. My mom and I have made amends and although it is still a difficult situation we have dramatically moved beyond the circumstances we faced before. My extended family has been amazing and incredibly supportive of this big move to Maui. They threw a lovely party for me the other night and I was just so blown away by the love and the support and everything that they did to make that a special bon voyage for me. My friends also showed up for a spectacular luau in the freezing Utah night air, where I decorated them with flower leis. It was so wonderful to have my support team around me cheering me on towards my crazy big dreams! 

Go after your dreams


Always remember my friends that your life has a very specific purpose. Each of you have qualities that make you so unique and important and it is so critical that you share your gifts to life! You are robbing the universe if you do not share them, if you do not reach out and improve the world around you by offering your light. I want you to know that I believe in you and your greatness. Download the worksheet today and jumpstart your big dreams! 

Sending you bright love and light,