Today I was watching House Hunters International, as one must on a Tuesday night. I feel slightly obsessed. And I think that’s a good thing! One must have obsessions in life, and if that is strategizing about your dream home in Spain or planning your beekeeping empire, just do it if it makes you happy I say. 

Back to the point. Yes. So this woman picked up her life and moved to Ireland from Florida because she felt like she was in a rut and needed a change. She went from being single and feeling sorry for herself because everyone in her life was married with kids, to arriving in a new country, finding a new boyfriend and a whole new lease on life - and a home of course. 

After the crashing down of my old life with truly leaving the Mormon religion and being disowned by my mother, I feel so similar to this Ireland escapee. I feel like I’ve won the lottery most days because I feel so free and joyful now. Before this shift, my life didn’t line up with my values and some of the people in my inner circle really needed to be moved out - my mother in particular has gone from the inner circle straight to outer darkness (for any ex-Mormons out there, you get this joke). Cleaning up my life and taking action steps to get into a life that I do love has been so incredibly joyful and liberating and I'm enjoying every step of the way! 

And so, here are the top 3 reasons to get toxic relationships out of your life as soon as possible! 

  1. Freedom: You have a chance to be joyfully, amazingly, fantastically free. You get to open up all this lovely space where these toxic people used to live and decorate it as you like. I’ve been making new friends like crazy lately and it’s so wonderful to feel like as soon as you get rid of the bad, in comes the good!  
  2. Honesty: You can be completely authentic. You don’t have to try to appease the toxic ones any more! Yay! No more hiding who you are, no more making excuses. They are no longer lucky enough to have your company and you are making no apologies for that. You’re just far to fabulous to be miserable one second longer and thus, you had to move on to living your amazing life. The world needs us to shine, it’s a busy job. There are lots of people out there to annoy by being outrageously happy. Sorry, someone has to do it.
  3. Confidence: You find this incredible wellspring of self-appreciation when you are not constantly being attacked. You actually get to enjoy just BEING who you are. Fancy that! Then you start to really own who you are, and you start to like that feeling of just being comfortable in your own skin. There is something so delicious about just not giving a shit about other people’s opinions anymore. And this one has a bonus prize, because by being real and truthful, you open up space for people around you to drop their walls too so they can be real. Then guess what, it’s not a stuffy, fake conversation anymore. Suddenly, you are all spilling your lovely little hearts out and you actually form real relationships, who knew! 

So my darlings, don’t wait for your life to start. Be like the Ireland Escapee and just redesign your life as you must for your own wellbeing and happiness. The supportive, healthy people in your life will appreciate your growth and joy… and the haters… well they will just keep hating. And if they want to live that way, that is their choice, and it has nothing to do with you. 

Go out there and be annoyingly happy! 

Wishing you much joy and happiness,