Oh Love Love Love

Hello Darlings, this week I called in my support team and feel grateful to have received three different healings and also sent one healing to a friend all the way across the world. I never cease to be amazed by how powerful and important this work really is. It seems like all of the difficult experiences in life that we go through just add up and cover up the brilliance of our inner being, like a diamond covered in soot. I feel completely transformed from the person that I was a couple weeks ago. There were so many things that were ready to come to the surface and to be transformed and it felt so good to let it all go. Finally, some space to breathe! 

Healing really is a journey

Healing is an ongoing process and it never really ends, but it does get better and it does get easier with every step of the way. If I look back to some of my darkest moments in the last decade, they were truly moments when I just felt like I didn't want to even be alive on this dark planet. What I didn't realize at the time, was that because of where my consciousness was and because of all of the experiences and emotions that were weighing me down, my perspective didn't really allow me to see the beauty of life around me. This is why I love healing so much. It really is an act of transformation where one minute you feel heavy and dense and full of despair and the next moment because of the beautiful grace of the universe the heaviness evaporates and life starts to feel more spacious and beautiful again. 

Opening Up To Grace

I've come to the conclusion that healing really is an act of grace. Our own inner divinity is what allows this process to occur and I know that divine intervention plays a big part of the process and it would be foolish of me to not acknowledge the grace from its source. I find it so amazing that by placing our attention on the healing process we are able to initiate transformation. Truly, that is all that is required. Giving our attention and our willingness to surrender the hurt and the woundedness and the pain in exchange for peace is all it takes. It is absolutely magic and I continue to fall deeper and deeper in love with the process because it makes life so much more fun.

Falling in Love With Life

I talk a lot about living a life that you love. It seems that falling in love with life is a lot about lightening up. Letting go of the things that feel so heavy are what keep us so trapped in our own experience of difficulty. When we learn to let go and we learn to transform ourselves, the world becomes a very different place. What is so interesting about this is that the rest of the world may not have changed. However, YOU have changed. And when YOU change, your view of the world will absolutely change. If you choose to step into a more positive way of interacting with life, life will bring more goodness to you - it is the simple law of attraction.

Little Miracles

I'm going to speak some more about the healing I went through the last couple weeks in some upcoming communications about the new healing modality I will be offering that offers a rapid and substantial transformation of consciousness almost immediately. In the meantime, I will simply say that for the first time since my father passed away, I was able to look at his picture in my home and not feel tears of sadness coming to my eyes. For the first time, I felt deeply peaceful. I felt like I could look at him and say, "I love you dad and I miss you but my heart isn't broken anymore and I know everything's going to be OK." After over a decade of heartache, that is such a relief. 

My darlings, no matter how hard life is or has been in the past, find hope in knowing that others like you have survived it. It takes great courage to step onto the path of healing because it means that you have to feel again. Sometimes people choose to be numb because it is easier than feeling pain. But I will tell you again, a broken heart is one that lets light in. And when the light comes in, that is when your life starts to transform and the feeling of relief is what you will fall in love with.

If you have not tried my free healing course I encourage you to give it a try today. I share with you some excellent tips tools and techniques to really learn how to overcome trauma and fall in love with your life. Why not start now?

This is my life work. I'm doing this because I love it and because I love to see people transform before my eyes. This work changes people. This work lights people up and helps them to overcome what has kept their life feeling miserable. We are done with sadness it's time to fall in love with life I say!

Until next time, wishing you great joy and happiness,