Live a life of no regrets my darlings! 

Recently, I received an email about the passing of Scott Dinsmore. He was one of my heroes, and he was only 33. He created Live Your Legend and spoke around the world and inspired people to connect with their passion and live meaningful lives. Last year he and his wife left San Francisco embarked upon a journey around the world. I remember reading his email newsletter about how excited he was. He had taken a photo of all the items he would carry with him in his backpack - adapted to all kinds of places and weather. I was so inspired by this grand plan.

Close to the end of their global tour and having visited about 20 countries, he bravely took on a lifelong dream and what turned out to be the final adventure in this life - a trek to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. In some strange act of God, before he reached the summit, a cascade of boulders came rumbling down the mountain and one of them hit and killed Scott. And just like that, Scott left this world. I was deeply saddened by this news. I read the article about his passing just feeling in shock that someone who I counted on for monthly guidance and encouragement was now gone. He was truly such a hero of mine. And you know, he still is, if not more so.

His wife said in an interview, "He always said, 'I want to live a life of no regrets,' and he did," said Chelsea Dinsmore. "He left us in one of the most beautiful places either of us have ever been, he was so happy he was disconnected from everything other than nature and me." His father reflected, “He lived more in his short 33 years than most do in a lifetime.” I am so deeply inspired by this man - he was truly ALIVE. His legacy will continue to live on and literally millions of people will continue to be inspired by him (his TED talk has over 2.5 million views). It is people like Scott Dinsmore that change the world.

I recently read this quote and I want to share it with you: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come ALIVE and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come ALIVE!” - Howard Thurman

Scott was alive. And you know, after everything that I have been through, I feel that I am coming alive. I can’t say that I’m 100% in my element right now and that I love everything about my life, but I know that I’m moving in the right direction. I know that my heart is still hurting and I have yet a ways to go, but I don’t feel numb to life anymore. I don’t live each day feeling powerless to the forces around me. Since I have taken my stand against religion and abuse, I have reclaimed my power. What that means for me is less reactionary behaviors and more self-accountability for everything I create with my thoughts and actions. I feel a deep and passionate sense of purpose - to help people who have been where I was (hopeless and afraid) to learn how to heal and claim a life that they love!

A big part of the process of moving forward is learning how to live without regrets. It is important to recognize that you did the best you could in times past to make decisions based on the information you had at the time. Afterall, you only know what you know when you know it. Don’t berate yourself for what you did or didn’t do years ago. Start now. Trust that you did the best you could in the moment, and now is a new moment, and you get to choose again. Every day, just choose again. Sometimes, you may wish to revise your life plan and your next steps, and that is totally allowed. It is totally ok and completely natural to change your mind. In fact, I would go as far as to say that if you aren’t changing your mind here and there that you are not challenging your own thinking enough. Having new information help you to develop new ideas.

I wish to encourage you today to go after your dreams. The worst regret after all would be to know that you were aware that you had choice in your life and didn’t use it. Identify what makes you feel alive and take action! Don’t wait for “someday”. That day can only be created by you. Let the past be the past, and start something new today.

If you want a little extra help with “letting go” then check out my free energy healing meditation - it really does help to shift those blockages. No more stagnation for us, because we are impactful people and we live lives that we love :)

Until next time, wishing you great joy and happiness,