How to align with your purpose

it first starts with discovery

When we get in touch with our life purpose, with the divinity within us that is whispering to us each day, we can change the world. We must align with the deep sense of talent, genius, and unique gifts that we each bring so that we can focus our efforts on work that really matters to you and the world. 

What Clients are saying

"When I first met Lindsay I immediately felt comfortable and was able to openly speak with her about my dreams, my fears, and my past. Lindsay had the graciousness to sit down with me again and again, to listen to my words, and to pick out the important points from what always seemed to be a stream-of-consciousness semi-rant on my end. I had never before met someone who offered that kind of compassion, understanding, and intuition when listening to my passions, frustrations, and uncertainties. Lindsay asked the right questions, connected me to the right people and the right ideas, and was the wind beneath my winds on more than one occasion. I can’t thank her enough for her encouragement and gentle guidance." - Mark Carras, March 30, 2015
"Lindsay's purpose snapshot is simple, but not easy (which to me is best case scenario of anything of this sort). It asks questions that get your wheels spinning in a super-effective way. What I loved most is that although the areas in the snapshot may have been areas I could think of on my own, I wouldn't have thought to put them in this context." - Baya Voce, March 25, 2015 

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